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Renovation Coaching

You’ve got questions and/or dilemmas about your home renovation ideas? Alain has answers. 


Alain is an RBQ-licensed finishing contractor with years of projects under his belt, from interior home renovations under his company banner A-Line Reno, Inc. to personal experience remodeling 3 of his own homes (including a 100-year-old one he is lovingly restoring). 


Alain has insights into the realities of home renovations in a pandemic era and working around material shortages; creative problem-solving abilities; a good eye for design; a network of contacts and suppliers; and workable cost-cutting solutions to a vast array of issues that might come up during your home reno project.


Adept at troubleshooting, Alain works closely with homeowners to narrow down the options, brainstorm ingenious solutions to design dilemmas, solve renovation challenges, and offer unbiased product suggestions for your specific situation.  He will help clarify where to start, understand your project scheduling and budget, and more. 

You can expect Alain to:


  • Really listen to what you want to do

  • Brainstorm design and ideas with you

  • Identify what can and can’t be done with your space

  • Point out the potential challenges and easily-missed things (from a construction standpoint)

  • Give you an overview of the sequence of events you can expect


You can’t get this level of focused problem-solving at the big-box store, and it’s not likely that the big contracting companies can get down to this detailed nitty-gritty with you, if and when you can get them to come around to give you a quote.


Whether you are an enthusiastic DIYer with a big vision and lots of questions, are weighing your options for future projects, or are in a state of overwhelm on your project and need some focused guidance, this service is the perfect fit for you. Alain deeply enjoys coaching homeowners on this topic, and will bring clarity, solutions and creativity to your project.

Your dedicated 90-minute session can either take place online (available to all) or in-home (Pointe-Claire and Beaconsfield residents only).


Check out the options available to you below!

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