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The Ultimate Man-Cave Bar

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

This was a dream project! Although the needs and dimensions of this basement bar were very specific, lots of creative leeway and resourcefulness lead to a phenomenal final result!

Here's a walk-through of the details of this awesome custom build project:

Basic layout of the wet bar: sitting/serving area, prep area, sink, storage cabinets, and a hidden bar fridge

My favorite feature is this wall made of pennies

Another favorite feature is this custom whiskey bottle lighting fixture made from black pipe

The same style of black pipe was also used to make the bar's footrest

The inside of the bar has a copper pipe shelf-ledge, that ties in with the penny wall

Here I am working on the final touches!

Penny wall detail

A beautiful and functional place to entertain guests

In this shot the whiskey chandelier wasn't quite finished -- but here you can see the whole bar area and the lighting


And there you have it! These homeowners were very happy with the final result!

If you have a home renovation project in mind, we'd be happy to help you achieve your vision. Contact us anytime!

Additional Info:

📷by Val Lonergan,

Cabinets + countertops from IKEA

Everything else custom built to spec by A-Line Reno Inc.



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